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Home Movie Transfer Services

Home Movie Conversion- Home movies can be digitally copied and returned to you on a USB thumb drive as well as a private 30 day internet link that can be played back on your computer, tablet, or phone. You can also share the link family and friends, and also download additional digital copies from it. Copyrighted movies (think Hollywood productions) can not be duplicated by us. We are currently able to digitize the following formats: VHS, VHS-C, 8mm and Hi8.

Film Transfer- 35mm Negative or Slide scanning. Film is scanned and a jpg or other format is created and the digital files are provided to you. The digital version can then be taken over and printed at the Amery Express 1 hour photo center, Walmart, or other place of your choice. If you prefer, we can order & provide prints for you too as part of the service.

If desired, the scanned images can be put into a movie format and delivered via a shareable internet link that you can also download from. Background music can also be added if desired. We can also provide photo restoration services.

We will take great care when working with your older movies, negatives, and slides. Movie and film transfers are done in house by us and are not sent out. This elimates the chance of being lost in shipping. Proper storage of VHS tapes is critical to their survival. Tapes that have been stored in a damp location run the risk of developing mold and/or water damage which can increase the chances of an issue occuring during the playback of a tape for the digital copy process. Magnetic tapes degrade over time. Despite being careful, there is the risk of damage due to the age or storage conditions of a tape when being played back. Norstad’s Photo and Video LLC will not be responsibile for issues that occur from poor storage, or degraded tapes. Generally speaking, if you are able to play the tape at home ok and rewind it without issue, there shouldn’t be any issues when it’s played back a 2nd time at our shop to digitally record it.

A Note about Copyrights

Media that is copyrighted can not be duplicated or scanned and converted. Any items that appear to be copyrighted will be returned without duplication.

More information about Copyrights can be found here: