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Event Livestreaming & Recording

Do you have an event that family and friends aren’t able to attend? Consider professionally livestreaming it for them. We can livestream from church’s, funeral homes, or almost any other place with a good internet connection. A private Vimeo internet link is provided to you in advance of the event to share with friends and family. The event is streamed live to your private weblink and is available for folks to view online for 30 days after the event. The video can also be downloaded from the link if desired at no additional charge. A USB thumb drive or DVD of the event is available if you prefer not to download it. Extra thumb drives or DVD’s of the event are available if needed for an additional cost.

Not all events can be live streamed due to copyright considerations. Please contact us to talk through your needs and get an assessment of your event and suitability of being live streamed or professionally recorded. Live Streaming Services start at $295 with a suitable upload internet connection available at the event site. Live Streaming services include a pre-event site visit, a private link to the event ahead of time to share with family and friends, and a personalized image as an event placeholder with the starting time of the event. For locations that don’t have a good upload speed internet, we may be able to utilize a cellular modem for an additional cost. If neither of those options work out, recording the event and sharing it afterwards is also an option to consider. A recorded event can be uploaded and shared within a few hours of being filmed if needed.

Don’t need it to be livestreamed? Consider professional recording of the event and sharing with friends and family either via a private internet link and/or having one or more USB thumb drives or DVD’s made. Video Recording Services start at $200 and include basic post production video editing, the addition of a title at the beginning, and your choice of having the video delivered as a private internet link, a USB thumb drive, or DVD. Additional thumb drives or DVD’s can be provided for an additional cost.

Above prices are for livestreaming services within 20 miles of Amery, WI and with at least a 6Mbps upload speed . For locations greater than 20 miles from Amery, a mileage and/or travel charge may apply.

Looking to setup your church or other organization with the ability to livestream? I can help with that too. I’ve helped other organizations order equipment, install and configure software, obtain copyright and streaming licenses, and provided training on how to operate the equipment to livestream.