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Living Legacy Videos

Living Legacy Video Interviews are a great way to collect family history and life experiences from a loved one and share with the family. Interview questions are prepared ahead of time and then asked during a recorded interview. Interviews provide the best and most natural interaction if recorded in a familiar setting like a home or nursing home room and the questions are asked by a friend or family member. There are several options available for living legacy Interviews ranging from a full service where I setup and operate the camera, or my services can start with taking your video and editing it into a shorter segments and turning it into a documentary style movie with titles, photographs, and background music. Photo’s can be scanned and inserted into to the interview as background images as well. Assistance can also be provided with the interview questions, and we can also provide loaner video camera and some training to use for recording as part of the service. If desired, a video can also be created from an audio only interview and photographs can be used instead. For more information and to talk through what would work best for your unique needs, give us a call.

Short Clip of a Living Legacy Interview- Used with permission from the family