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3D Space Mapping

We are excited to announce that we are now offering 3D Space Mapping as a service! 3D mapping involves taking multiple photographs of a room using a 360 degree rotating camera. This service is ideal for real estate listings to allow potential buyers to take a self guided tour of a house at their own pace. 3D space mapping also provides what is called a “Doll House” view as well as the option to create floor plans from the 3D workspace. We are excited to share the below 3D Space map of the Amery Public Library using the link below. The best experience for exploring a 3D space is with using a computer with a mouse. Mobile devices can be used as well, but the experience is not as good. To explore the Amery Library, click on the link below. You will be taken to the front desk and from there you can click on floor around you to move to different locations. If you click on the bottom right box “View in Fullscreen” you’ll have an even better view. Using your mouse, click and move left or right to look around 360 degrees from where you are in the library. To visit the Library’s Lower Level, you can navigate over to the elevator, or we’ve also placed link to the lower level at the Main Level front desk in case your not familiar with where the elevator is. While on the lower level, there are links to go into the Makerspace area as well as navigate down the long hallway to the South End book shelves. Below the Amery Library link is another link for a guided 3D tour of the new Amery City Center and a 3D Doll house view created from those scans.

Amery City Hall Walkthrough
Dol House View of City Hall created from 3D scans